About us

About Cotonoha

We have marketed various porcelain wares (earthen ware) in Japan, where our “Mino Ware (Minoyaki in Japanese)” is especially popular among non-Japanese customers.

There are voices over whether they can’t get one unless they come to Japan, whether they can buy one outside Japan, etc. That’s why we have founded our own brand, “Cotonoha”.

Initially, we were just selling only on Amazon but as there has been a great demand outside of Amazon, too, we’ve opened an original shopping site.

About Role of Mino Ware Japan

Mino Ware has been born in Japan with a great lineup of Japanese proclaim wares such as traditional plate-wares, Tokkuri (Sake decanter) and Yunomi (ridged green-tea cup) that Japanese daily use but the world does not yet know.

We believe that is our role to deliver them to the entire world.

About Plate-waresthat Mino Ware Japan sells

All of plate-wares that we sell have been made Japan. You can use them very safely as they all are lead-free. Please enjoy Japanese Mino Ware with the depth of traditions at home!