How to Order

Choose the number of the item you want to buy at its purchase page and put it into your cart.

Click “Check Out” button. If you want to change it, click “View My Cart” button to go back to your cart.

-Information Screen-  Input your address you want the item to be delivered to (and that we are able to deliver to) and click “Continue to Shipping” button.

-Shipping Screen-  Confirm your inputs above and click “Continue to Payment” button.

-Payment screen-  Select your payment method and choose your Billing address. If the entered information is correct, press the "pay now" button.



About Returning and Exchanging of Item Bought

If the item delivered is broken, we will exchange for free upon your sending the picture of it; if you want refund instead of exchanging, we will (depending on the method of payment). However, returning / exchanging solely for your convenience won’t be accepted.


About Payment

You can use a credit card (most of major ones are accepted) or PayPal; the currency for transaction is USD (thus, there is basically no foreign-exchange fluctuation). We will start to accept other methods of payment in the future.


About Shipping

Your item will be shipped from Japan with DHL, FedEx or EMS. You’ll be given a tracking number after shipment (you can trace its location by yourself).


About Trademark

The trademark as “Cotonoha” has been formally registered in U.S by eBIS TRADING Inc.; you are not allowed to use this brand logo without our explicit permission.